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New Activist Reports

Kerrisdale Capital published bullishly on Acutus Medical (NASDAQ: AFIB — $561 million), a medical device company with “paradigm-shifting technology at a shocking price.” Kerrisdale highlighted that the company’s catheter was better than competing products and that a sales slowdown over the last year was due to the pandemic, and not any underlying problem with the product. Acutus shares are down ~35% since the company’s August 2020 IPO.

Jehoshaphat Research published on AdaptHealth Corp (NASDAQ: AHCO — $2.88 billion), a medical device roll-up that went public via SPAC in late 2019. Jehoshaphat Research claimed AdaptHealthwas experiencing double-digit organic declines and highlighted that the company’s CFO, CEO, CTO and CSO all left in the past year. Moreover, Jehoshaphat raised accounting issues with the roll-up and noted that all eight sell-side analysts rated the company a “buy.”

Valiant Varriors published on Linklogis (HKG: 9959 — HKD$28.9 billion), a Chinese supply chain financing company that listed in Hong Kong in April 2021. Valiant Varriors alleged the company hid tens of billions in bridge loans from investors and concealed related-party transactions. Valiant Varriors also alleged the company was actually trading at over 80x debt-to-equity and highlighted that the company has had four different auditors over the last five years.

Top 75 Twitter Accounts to Follow + More Free Resources

In honor of The Bear Cave’s 75th issue, we compiled a list of the 75 best Twitter accounts consistently sharing interesting stock ideas. In addition, we curated a list of the top 25 hedge fund managers to follow as well as the best free stock email newsletters and free stock research websites.  

View the full list here. (Hint: Our #1 recommended follow is @RagingVentures)

Recent Resignations and Departures

Notable executive departures disclosed in the last week include:

  • COO of Lantheus Holdings (NASDAQ: LNTH — $1.73 billion) resigned after two and a half years to “pursue other opportunities.”

  • Chief Development Officer of BioXcel Therapeutics (NASDAQ: BTAI — $691 million) resigned after a little over a year on the job. The company’s stock is down 20% over the last month.

  • Ken Naumann resigned from the board of Sonim Technologies (NASDAQ: SONM — $29.0 million) after 92 days “not due to a disagreement with the Company.”

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What to Read

“Interview with an Hyper-Successful Creator on Patreon + Twitch + Youtube + Instagram” (Liberty Substack)

“In those early days (2014/2015) Facebook ad rates were ridiculously low, especially in my niche. I think most mom & pop competitors were very distrustful that online advertising could produce a return. In those halcyon days I would set an ad budget of a couple hundred dollars and get a $10,000 bump in booking revenue directly attributable to those ads, same month.”

“SEC Files Charges in Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Involving Two Companies” (SEC Enforcement)

“According to the SEC’s complaint, filed today in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, Govil, the controlling shareholder and executive director of Cemtrex, misappropriated over $7 million of Cemtrex investor funds between April 2016 and January 2018 to finance his personal business ventures and to pay his personal expenses.  The complaint also alleges that Govil engaged in scalping – secretly selling Cemtrex stock while paying stock promoters to recommend that retail investors buy the company’s stock – and insider trading.  The complaint alleges that Govil did not file with the SEC any of the required disclosures in connection with his Cemtrex trading.”

Tweets of the Week

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